Gustavum AB

Gustavum – Building for Development

This is our vision and it takes a clear standpoint in the good business and in generating growth. For us it stands for creating value in both the short and long term, expanding business perspectives, develop and explore new possibilities. We are convinced that this will generate a positive outcome for both business and people.

Our Business Idea

– We create solutions for a reason
– We invest, invent and improve
– We do good business

This is our business idea and it is steering our focus and setting our ambition. We are doing good for customer, environment, stakeholders and co-workers. Innovation is key, we don’t want to create a movement or a change, we want to create a long-lasting progress and improvement. We make a difference by generating growth.

Our Company Values

Building for Development that Generates Growth by:

  • Development above all – Always being on the way and improve ways of working. Everyday and everywhere we Generates Growth!
  • Working together: We build on each other’s strength for long lasting results.
  • Simplify: In all we do – from vision, strategies to actions.
  • Being pragmatic: We don’t reinvent the wheel, are realistic and focus on our goals
  • Make things happen:We progress and deliver result that makes a different!

Our values are the foundation for how we understand our environment. From that understanding we have a certain attitude that is shown in our behavior. Together at Gustavum, this will build our company culture. This is what we stand for.

Gustavum Generate Growth